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What we are about

It has been suggested that each local church has a personality, unique and distinct from that of every other church. Like an individualís, this character is formed by the circumstances of birth and upbringing, and by the events which affect it, both locally and in the wider world.

What, then, is the character of Wylde Green United Reformed Church, formed through the first 100 years of its life? Are there features which are consistent throughout that time, or has the centenarian become a very different being from the infant which started life so long ago?

View the booklets produced for the 100th and 50th anniversary on-line.

100th Anniversary (660kb .pdf)

50th Anniversary (2.8mb .pdf)

The 75th Anniversary booklet will be following shortly...

In December 2006, we produced a special newsletter for the local community, In Touch

Other events and people in our life...

Flower Festivals / German Link / Ellen Kirby / Hazel Court

Flower Festivals

2008 Flower Festival 14 - 15 June

2006 Flower Festival

2004 Flower Festival



Our Link with Germany

Our 9 German Guests in Birmingham in September 2006

Its a hard life being a minister on holiday...

Read Mathias' address

A Childhood in India

Ellen Kirby quietly passed away at Good Hope Hospital on 15 June 2006, aged 96.  She is greatly missed. 

Ellen had been a member at Wylde Green since 1977, and had recently put together the fascinating history of her growing up in India.  Click here to read Ellen's story.If you would like to make a donation in memory of Ellen, should be sent to Jacob's Well in Mumbai.  Click here for further details

Do you remember Hazel Court?

Questions have been appearing in recent editions of the Sutton Observer about Hazel Court, the famous film actress of the 1950s and 60s. 

She lived on the corner of Eastern and Station Road, went to Boldmere School and used to attend Pilots at our church when we were still the Congregational Church. 

Do you remember her?  If so, please let us know by email!

Message received from Vic, June 2006:

I knew Hazel Court since like many of we local youngsters in those days, she was a member of the Youth Fellowship.  My best mate, Paul Ellis of Boldmere, was greatly envied by all we lads since at one time she was his girl friend !  I believe Hazel now lives in California and is a painter of some repute.
Happy Days indeed -


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